Max Lauren

Director - Writer - Photographer

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Film Writing/ Directing


Commercial Direction

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Concert Photography




Event Photography 
and Photojournalism


Recent Awards

MESSY. Best Weird/ WTF Film & Best Jewish Film- Cannes World 2021

MESSY. Finalist- Indie Short Fest 2021 and Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival 2022

MESSY.  Best Director of a Student Short - Seattle Film Festival 2022

Kachel Writers Prize 2018

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Published Writing

The Brown and White

Authored a bi-weekly music column, Musical Maxims, which reported on concerts in the tristate area and explored Lehigh students’ musical preferences, gaining a deeper understanding of which factors make people gravitate towards certain genres

Cultural Insight to Reykjavik, Iceland

 Performed field and additional research for a travel publication on the country of Iceland. I wrote a chapter on the entertainment industry in Iceland— specifically the live music scene, street art, filming locations used in popular media, and Reykjavik’s booming vinyl record business.


More About Max Lauren

Max Lauren grew up as a Jewish, brace-faced, Harry-Potter-glasses-wearing, self-identified tomboy *cringe* on the glamorous North Shore of Long Island. While she hated it at the time, the experience has given her a lifetime’s worth of tragically comical material to pull from.

She lived her childhood as if she was already an in-demand Hollywood writer/director. Between writing additional episodes of her favorite TV shows that ended, such as Full House, and directing elaborate music videos with friends and family— there was never a question about where Max’s passions laid.

She graduated from Lehigh University with a BA in journalism and a double minor in psychology and creative writing, since one discipline was not enough to satisfy her inquisitive nature (or her ADHD). After graduation, she moved to Southern California to complete an MFA in Film Production with an emphasis in directing from Chapman University.

Max writes and directs films that are MAXimalist in style, but earnest in content. Movies that are not bound by genre; instead, films that focus on developing fully fleshed characters relearning facets of life they staunchly thought to be true.


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